About Us

At Hot Yoga Basingstoke the style of Yoga that we offer is Vinyasa Yoga- a very dynamic form of Yoga which flows from one posture to the other with a focus on the breath.  Our studio is heated between 25’ & 30’ degrees. Our classes do not follow a set sequence so every class will be different. Our hot Yoga is different to Bikram Yoga which is a set sequenced class done in a considerably hotter studio. We do not offer a set sequenced classes. Vinyasa Yoga is a much more dynamic practice, and can be enjoyed by all levels. 


What you should know before you come?

Dress light as it gets very warm i.e. leggings, shorts, the most important thing is to be comfortable!We have mats and towels available to hire. You are always welcome to bring your own.  There is water available to purchase. There are limited spaces to leave your private things but storage shelves are available. There are facilities to change. Booking in advance is a must as space is limited. Parking is available.


The benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers a wealth of benefits for the young, old, male, or female! Vinyasa hot yoga classes being such a dynamic are particularly good for building your cardiovascular strength. Your mental, physical, and emotional being is enhanced when one practices regularly. Some of examples include increased stamina, strength, and flexibility. Your metabolism will be enhanced and with a healthy diet aiding weight loss. Circulation is also improved which helps the body flush out toxins.