Vic started her Yoga journey over 17 years ago after the birth of her first daughter.   She had a stressful job and spent a great deal of time travelling and away from home. She practiced Yoga in her hotel room to help manage the stress and travel fatigue she was experiencing.  It helped gain a sense of control over her mind, body and breathing that helped in everyday life.  Vic began to understand muscle release techniques and soon felt stronger and more able to cope.

After a number of years of practice she decided to embark on teacher training for her own interest: juggling a job, children and home commitments.  Adding on a children’s yoga qualification and then trained again to become a specialist Teen Yoga teacher, & eventually making the move to full time teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy


With a degree in Child Developmental Psychology with an emphasis on Adolescence and a Masters in Human Management.   She understands the psychology of learning and brain development, motivation, behaviours, emotional drivers and dealing with change which helps with her yoga therapy work.

She has continued to expand her knowledge by attending training in Trauma: PTSD, abuse, addiction, eating disorders and works with teens and young people in this area.  She has also undertaken a Forrest Yoga teacher immersion course which is an intensively physically and internally transformative style of yoga. Vic also holds a certificate in Kinesiology techniques which she likes to add into her classes.

Being a Neuroscience geek she loves to understand the brain and how the mind/body connection influences our actions and thoughts especially with regards to Adolescence. Proficient in BSL, this is something she would love to be able to use again and incorporate into her classes. She was also a competitive gymnast as a child and still loves to cartwheel around the yoga studio now!

Vic brings all of this varied knowledge, experience and passion to each and everyone of her yoga classes, along with fun and support.

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