The Classes are well planned & each teacher has their own particular style. Its a great way to destress, stretch and regain the day. Its a great strength class using your own body weight. The teachers take you through each position and give you varients from starter to advance, and encourage you to stop and get a breather in childs pose if you need to regain yourself. The breathing techniques and how to use them to move through each position is invaluable and helps with other excercise classes. This is a great addition to weights, running and combat and helps realign and stretch those tight muscles. The Hot Yoga room is relaxed and cozy and the peolpe who attend are friendly and encouraging. The classes fill up quick as each class is very popular and every teacher pushes you to your limit and beyond.

I would highly recommend beginners (Tuesday starter class) as well as established Yogis! as this is not like any Yoga class you have every been to. Sassy and quirky, with a hot and fast flow – or spiritial, calm, strong balanced flow, all are informative & supportive. Helps with your posture, aches & pains and has personally helped me cope with the effects of the menopause (hot flushes), and has strengthened my upper body even more.

Debra Young


Best decision I’ve made! Classes made fun, attainable and amazing by all the teachers! What a nice mix of teachers and fellow yogis. I’m inspired everyday to practice yoga physically in the classes as well as in my everyday life mentally and emotionally.

Rinchen Donka


I do the two classes a week, wish I could do more to be honest! I have never felt so energised, full of life and positivity then when I have finished a class with Lisa. After a stressful day at work or just to get me ready for my weekend it’s just a great way to feel good. I’ve only been attending for a few weeks now but feel like I have improved my flexibility and breathing skills so much!! Lisa is a fantastic teacher and is brilliant at helping you to correct your posture in each move. You never feel like you look silly because everyone is so lovely in the classes.. Highly recommended, x

Cherie-Sophia Payne


Amazing classes!! Really friendly atmosphere with an encouraging and supportive instructor, everyone is welcome from beginners to the more advanced and I learn something new every time. I’ve suffered with back pain for years and a friend suggested yoga might help so thought I’d give it a try – to say it has helped me is an understatement…the difference from when I first started just over a year ago to now is incredible; I’m more flexible, stronger and healthier than ever!!I love pushing myself further each class and feel great afterwards – thank you Lisa, can’t go a week without it!

Cherie-Sophia Payne


I simply love these classes! Lisa is a very inspiring teacher who watches every student to make sure you are doing the postures correctly. Lisa encourages you to notice every bit of progress you make, no matter how small; and pushes you to ensure you keep making progress. Each posture is accompanied by Lisa’s commentary, explaining all the benefits: physical and mental. Try for yourself, you won’t regret how amazing, calm, strong and accomplished you feel afterwards, no matter your current ability.

Kelly Jeffery